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TBR & TBD | New and Noteworthy June 2016

TBR & TBD | New and Noteworthy June 2016

I feel like there are so many highly anticipated books that are coming out in the next couple of months, but it makes sense. It's summer! I always have grand plans to amp up my reading this time of year, but I inevitably find that I fill my time doing other, non reading things. Like live-tweeting The Bachelorette. And finding excuses to drink outside on patios.

At any rate, I wanted to share my choices for the books that I'm most excited to pick up in June. And one that I'm nervous about. The picks span a couple of genres- horror, fiction based on real events, chick-lit, and a cookbook!

TBR 1- End of Watch: A Novel | Stephen King | Release Date June 7th, 2016

First of all, I need to read On Writing by Stephen King. This man is the insanely prolific and comes out with about 2 books a year. That kinds of dedication is amazing and I need to know how he does it.

End of Watch is book 3 in The Bill Hodges Trilogy, following Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers. Hodges and his partner, Holly, are faced with the prospect of having to investigate a murder-suicide with ties to a past case- a case that was almost certainly resolved. I'm still working my way through this series, but it's got elements of mystery mixed with supernatural and I'm expecting the final book not to disappoint.

Update December 2018- The final book indeed did not disappoint. I only just finished the trilogy- but I loved it! Really good on audio too.

TBR 2- The Girls | Emma Cline | Release Date June 14th, 2016

You guys, I'm about to be a rabid fan of this book. There is nothing I like more than a creepy murder story, and I'm especially into ones that are based in truth. (Think Cartwheel by Jennifer Dubois, a take on the Amanda Knox murder trial). I know I'm not the only one who's highly anticipating this one; this book has been everywhere! 

"The Girls" is a debut novel by Emma Cline that is a take on the Charles Manson murders. Main character Evie Boyd becomes a sort of 'Manson girl', a hippie girl who, in an attempt to find herself, becomes entangled with a cult with a charismatic deranged leader. I can't wait to see what the author does with this! If you're interested in true crime and this case in particular, I highly recommend the "You Must Remember This"  podcast. They cover the Charles Manson murders over a series of 12 episodes, and this will catch you right up. If you're into that sort of thing.

Updated July 2016- I was not a rabid fan of this book. Full review here. 

TBR 3- The Wicked Good Ketogenic Diet Cookbook | Amanda Hughes | Release Date June 21st, 2016

I know this is random,  but I'm so excited about this cookbook! In case you're unfamiliar, the Ketogenic Diet is  a high fat, low carb diet. You can read more about he Ketogenic Diet here. It involves a lot of calculating macros- macronutrients as in fats, protein, and carbohydrates. First of all, I'm interested in this cookbook because I love wicked as an adjective. But more importantly, there are 175 keto friendly recipes with a clear breakdown of the macros in here. I've already pre-ordered it!

Updated July 2016- This cookbook is fantastic

TBD- First Comes Love : A Novel | Emily Giffin | Release Date June 28th, 2016

I've got a lot of trepidation about this one. I really enjoyed Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof years ago, but I was really unsatisfied with Where We Belong (it just... ended. I wasn't left with anything that stuck with me), and borderline HATED The One and Only (unrealistic, unlikable, and one note characters). First Comes Love centers on two sisters in their late 30s who are coming to terms with their relationship with one another, their family dynamics, and their relationship with their position in life. It sounds like the sisters are foils; one sister has a successful career and family but is dissatisfied, the other is single and desperately wants a child. I'm hoping for strong women who don't fall into cliches and signs of the writing from Giffin's earlier books. 

What do you think? There were so many books to choose from, but I'm particularly interested in these.

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