TBR August | New and Noteworthy August 2016

TBR 1- The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo | Amy Schumer | Release Date August 16th, 2016

Of course this is on my list. Amy Schumer is my girl. She's hilarious, and I'm sick of seeing people say that women can't be funny. I'm so hopeful that this novel will do really well. She gets bonus points right from the jump because of the title. I think she's a great mix of self-deprecation and wit, and I hope this novel is more Amy Poehler Yes Please/Tina Fey Bossypants than Chelsea Handler My Horizontal Life.

TBR 2- All the Ugly and Wonderful Things | Bryn Greenwood | Release Date August 9th, 2016

I received an ARC from Netgalley, and I am so excited for it. All The Ugly and Wonderful Things has a very dark premise- Wavy is the daughter of a meth dealer and has taken on the responsibility of raising her 8 year old brother. Wavy, a child herself, somehow befriends one of her father's "thugs"  and is witness to him wrecking his motorcycle. I think befriends is putting it lightly, because I gather there is romantic involvement between the two. This is a tough read that's not for everyone, but I can take a lot of darkness and I am so interested to dive into this. Based purely on the synopsis, I'm getting a Sons of Anarchy meets Lolita vibe. If nothing else, you can't say that this premise has been done to death! 

TBD- Heroes of the Frontier | Dave Eggers | Release Date July 26th, 2016

And finally, dear friends... one that is TBD. Yes, this comes out in July and not August, but that's close enough for me. Also, nothing is coming out in August this year, likely because they fear competetion with the new Harry Potter. I digress. Eggers' novel, The Circle, was probably one of the most frustrating books I've read in a long time.  It started out super strong, but had a terribly weak ending. That's one of my least favorite traits in a novel; a big build up to a fat nothing at the end. This is his new one, Heroes of the Frontier. It also has an interesting premise. A mother going through a divorce and mid-life crisis decides to move her kids as far away from their father as possible... bringing them to the Alaskan frontier. The Circle had heavy commentary on the ills of overuse of technology, and I have a feeling this story will also have an agenda from Eggers. Since Heores describes the journey as being "plagued by wildfires and a uniquely American madness", I have a feeling I'm right. We'll see!