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#12DaysofReadThis 2017 | October

#12DaysofReadThis 2017 | October

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I thought my goal for October was to try and cram as many scary books I could into one month. But then John Green's new book came out and all of that went out the window. 

Sidenote... I love how the pictures of these books turned out. Give me all the fall things! 

Turtles All The Way Down | John Green | Another one of my favorite books of the year. I'm a huge John Green follower- I love his vlog channel he runs with his brother Hank and I listen to their podcast. I was super impressed with his video on "Failing to Follow Up The Fault In Our Stars", because I loved how honest he was and that we got to peek behind a best selling author's curtain.


Alll of this to say that I had high hopes going in to this book, and it did not disappoint. Our protagonist, Aza, lives with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Green was able to truly articulate what it must feel like to live with your thoughts tightening inside of your head all the time. I loved the characters and his writing- once I was finished, I wanted to turn around a re-read my favorite parts again. Highly recommend! Full review here. Rating, 5

Fen | Daisy Johnson | I tried reading this in an attempt to get outside of my normal reading routine, but I ended up not being a fan of this at all. Fen is a collection of short stories where the characters are loosely connected to one another. There were some interesting ideas, sure, but I got lost in the detailed writing. Wasn't scary, wasn't creepy, just weird. Rating, 2

Young Jane Young | Gabrielle Zevin | I picked this up on a whim because I saw it kicking around Instagram. I thoroughly enjoyed it- so much so, I literally read it in a day. Young Jane Young is about an intern who has an affair with a married congressman. The affair took place in the early 2000s- before we really knew how deep the internet goes- and to help her work through her feelings, she blogs about it. Predictably, the affair is not kept hidden forever and her blog is discovered. This was an Interesting, sweet book and I loved the characters' voices. The women are smart and strong in this book, and the author makes a lot of great points about the disparity between what happens to women after affairs versus what happens to men. Full review here. Rating, 4

The Secrets She Keeps | Michael Robotham | This is right up there with my favorite thrillers of the year. I love how the book opens up- with a stalker approaching her prey. It's a thriller that is told from two different perspectives, but has a lot of red herrings that threw me off a few times. The author did a nice job of setting up the story- and was able to show empathy toward those who suffer from mental illness. Read this over some of the more hyped thrillers of the year (Still giving Goodreads readers the side eye for ranking Into the Water as the #1 thriller for the year). Rating, 4.75

Pet Semetary | Stephen King | Finally, a Stephen King book that I have been meaning to read! I always say that it takes a lot to REALLY creep me out and scare me. There are very few books that are able to do so, but I have to say Pet Semetary has now jumped to the top of my list. In the forward of the book, we hear that King himself even originally thought he went too far with this one, and he might be right. SO many creepy things!! Rating, 5

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