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#12DaysofReadThis 2017 | June 2017

#12DaysofReadThis 2017 | June 2017

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June was all about quality, not quantity. I spent most of my time reading It! But it was SO worth it.  

The Moth Presents All These Wonders: True Stories About Facing the Unknown | Catherine Burns | Have you heard of The Moth? It's live storytelling where people share true stories from their life. This is a book featuring some of the stories told on The Moth stage. It was really interesting! Some stories were funny, some made me cry, some made me think. I think this would be a great book to gift (plus the cover is beautiful). Rating, 4/5

Gwendy's Button Box | Stephen King, Richard Chizmar | This was my first time reading a King short story and it didn't disappoint. It takes place in Castle Rock, were many of his stories take place, and there are some conspiracies out there that this story might be connected to some of his other works. This is book is tightly written and is more whimsy than scary. Rating, 4/5. 

It | Stephen King | One of my favorite books of the year! it was everywhere this year, thanks to recent move adaptation, so I participated in the #weallfloatreadalong. A read along on Instagram is when a bunch of people get together and read through a book at the same time, kind of like a virtual book club. Then we chat in groups and on the hosts' Instagram posts (Thanks, @jobis89!) I wrote a full review about why you should read it, even if you're not a horror fan here. It's definitely got its terrifying parts, but it's much more about friendship, commitment, and growing up. A masterpiece! 

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