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Review: Behind Her Eyes | Sarah Pinborough

Publication Date: January 31st, 2017

Page Count: 304

First Sentence: "I pinch myself and say I AM AWAKE once an hour."

Book Description: This is one of those books where I say the less you know about the plot, the better. Just know that it's a thriller and a page turner that centers on a psychiatrist, his wife, and his maybe mistress. The story takes place in London and it flashes between wife and the mistress' POV. The story goes between the past and the present and we get to find out what happened in the couple's past that is contributing to the events of today.

My thoughts: WHOOOO CHILD. I just finished Behind Her Eyes and couldn't get to the computer fast enough to share my thoughts. I picked this book for my February Book of the Month Box, and I could NOT be more pleased! What caught my attention was that, in the description on the Book of the Month bookmark you get with the book, the judge that picked it said "You think you know how it ends? You're wrong. I promise." Challenge accepted. I'm a thriller junkie and while I like to be surprised, the ending has to be pretty well hidden for me to be totally taken aback.

Consider this ending well hidden. I LOVED it! I loved this book because the ending took me by surprise without totally jumping the shark. It was satisfying, not that far out of left field, and completely fell in line with the characters' personalities. I can't wait to go to Twitter/Amazon/Goodreads to see how others felt. I have a feeling it's going to be a bit polarizing, but books like this often are.

I really found myself identifying with and enjoying the mistress, Louise. She is a single mother whose life centers on that of her son. She unexpectedly finds excitement in her life and finds herself caught up in a situation that she undoubtedly knows she should not be in. Still, she keeps moving forward, desperate to figure out exactly what is going on. She was a bit unreliable and made shitty decisions, but did it with a sense of humor about herself. The character reminded me of a likable Rachel from The Girl on the Train.

The buildup and the excitement was all really well done in this story. The story builds you up to think one thing, but the tagline for this isn't #WTFthatending for nothing. Such a thrill to read.

Favorite Quote: "The past is as ephemeral as the future - it's all perspective and smoke and mirrors."

Rating: 5 stars! if you love crime, thrillers, psychological thrillers, unreliable narrators, books, anything... read this book.


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