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Four Book Friday | In Honor of Independent Bookstore Day

Four Book Friday | In Honor of Independent Bookstore Day

Four Book Friday .  Independent Bookstore Da

Tomorrow is Independent Bookstore Day! Independent Bookstore Day is a one day celebration that takes place across the 458 bookstores in 48 states http://www.indiebookstoreday.com/ 

There will be author talks, drinks and snacks, sales, and more. Chicago has a challenge, where if you visit 10 stores you get 10% off at those stores for a year, or if you visit 15 you get 15% off for a year. I have no idea how someone would make that happen but more power to you! If I have the option, I would always buy my books from a local bookstore than online, so this is one event I'm happy to support. In honor of Independent Bookstore Day, here are four books that have bookstores central to the plot line!

You | Carolyn Kepnes

This book is the best. My favorite little sociopath, Joe Goldberg, is working in a East Village bookstore when he runs into his newest obsession, Guinevere. When she goes to check out, he memorizes her name after swiping her credit card. He then proceeds to learn everything he can about her via social media and uses the information to turn himself into the man of her dreams. As one does. There's a really disturbing scene that takes place in a rare book store vault- you'll never look at bookstores in the same way. (And there's a book two!) 

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry | Gabrielle Zevin

For something a little sweeter, take a look at The Storied Life of A.J. Fickry. A. J. is starting to feel left behind. His wife has died, book sales are down, and it's looking as though the world is changing too rapidly for him to keep up. Then a mysterious package arrives on his doorstep, giving him the opportunity for a fresh start and a new outlook on life. It's a feel good made for book lovers- because "what, in this life, is more personal than books?"

Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore | Matthew Sullivan

A murder mystery in a bookstore! What? Yes please. I mean, not really. But I'll read about it! Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore is about a bookseller, Lydia. She's a bibliophile that really connects with her customers, especially one named Joey. Joey ends up committing suicide at the bookstore- and she finds him. He leaves her clues she can use to help figure out what was really going on in his life, and she ends up connecting with his story more than she thought she would. It's dark- but a page turner!

Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore | Robin Sloan

Clay Jannon is a computer programmer who's recently been laid off. Desperate for work and curious, he stumbles into Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour bookstore and finds that they're hiring. He works the overnight shift and quickly discovers that very few people are actually buying books. Instead, eccentric characters come in during the middle of the night and borrow giant mysterious texts. He pulls some Bay Area strings to find out what's going on and he finds these books hold secrets- and that his part time job is much more than he bargained for. It's a short and sweet book- perfect for anyone who's book obsessed. (It's also great on audio!)

Do you have any favorites set in a bookstore? (I really didn't notice how many books are set in a bookstore until I started looking!)

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