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The Complete List of Stephen King Hodder Paperbacks

I've been on a mission.

I kept seeing these amazing looking colorful Stephen King spines all over Instagram, and I needed them. I own quite a few Stephen King books already, but something about the dichotomy between how sweet these covers and spines look and how dark his books can be made these editions extra enticing.

I did what any normal person would do- Googled, pastel Stephen King spines. Nothing. Colorful Stephen King? Not quite. I searched the tag Stephen King spines on Instagram and basically stalked down several photos until I could come up with the publisher-it's Hodder. I didn't include any pictures of the actual books here because I don't own any myself, yet, and I didn't want to steal others'. Once I grow my collection, I'll add some pictures.

 Update 9/1/18- 4 down, 22 to go.

Update 9/1/18- 4 down, 22 to go.

To make a long story short, I basically toggled between Instagram, Amazon, Book Depository, and AbeBooks and realized that these editions are from the U.K. and came out in 2007. I'm in the U.S., so finding these was a bit of a challenge. I first tried to order from the Book Depository, since they offer free shipping worldwide. However, on this website it looked like a lot of the editions were sold out. I briefly toyed with going through the site Book Depository directs you to, AbeBooks, but some of the books listed here seemed extra expensive. Through all of this, I did figure out that I could take the ISBN numbers for these editions and order them through Amazon! I entered in the ISBN number and then clicked on "see all buying options" to really look into what quality book I was purchasing. To save you the trouble, I wanted to put together a list. This list is also for me, too, since I eventually want to collect them all. I ordered The Stand (my all time favorite) and Cell today, and the expected arrival date is sometime in mid-July. 

Disclaimer: The books that I ordered are used. To me, it's worth it though because the books themselves look to cost anywhere from .99 to $5 with $3.99 shipping. That's much better than the $30+ I was seeing elsewhere! I will say, some of the books listed below were also available on the Book Depository for around the same price, and since they offer free shipping worldwide you might try them as well. Just a heads up, the links below are affiliate links. Finally, I'm not an expert in book collecting by any means. The list below is what I believe to be the complete collection.  I don't work in publishing; I just do this as a hobby. So if you happen to click on a link and order something and get magic beans in return, don't say I didn't warn ya. 

The Complete List of Stephen King Hodder Paperbacks

Update 9/1/18 - Links below are to Amazon. I added the ISBN numbers so you can find them on your own in case the links become outdated. Also if you have the ISBN numbers for the two that I'm missing, let me know!

'Salem's Lot ISBN | 0340951478

Bag of Bones ISBN | 0340951427

Carrie ISBN | 0340951419

Cell ISBN | 0340921536

Christine ISBN | 0340951400 

Cujo ISBN | 0340952709

The Dark Half ISBN | 034095261X

The Dead Zone   ISBN | 0340952687

Desperation ISBN | 0340952652

Dolores Claiborne  ISBN | 0340952636

Dreamcatcher  ISBN | 0340952407

Duma Key ISBN | 0340978031

The Eyes of the Dragon ISBN | 0340952725

Firestarter  ISBN | 0340952695

Gerald's Game  ISBN | Can't find it

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon ISBN | 0340952385

Insomnia ISBN | 0340952792

IT ISBN | 0340951451

Lisey's Story ISBN | 034089895X

Misery ISBN |  0340951435

Needful Things ISBN | 0340952768

Pet Sematary ISBN | 034095146X

Rose Madder ISBN | Can't find it

The Shining ISBN | 0340951397

The Stand ISBN | 0340951443

The Tailsman ISBN | 0340952717

The Tommyknockers ISBN | 0340952733

And there you have it! I hope this was helpful. I can't wait to get a nice sized collection of these going. Is there anything I missed? Let me know!

I'm also interested in these Gallery Books versions... but one collection at a time, yes?

What do you think? Is it worth it to you to collect different versions of your favorite book, or is owning one copy enough? 




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