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Welcome to Quick Lit, where I link up with Modern Mrs Darcy and give a quick synopsis and share my thoughts about the books that I've read over the past month. I'm so happy that I've been on a really good book reading streak, so I'll definitely be checking out other people's posts so that I can continue my good luck. Here's what I've been reading!

It | Stephen King

It SK.jpg

Wow. This past month, I participated in a re-along with some folks from Instagram (#weallfloatreadalong) of Stephen King's It  in preparation of the movie remake in the Fall. I completely fell in love with it! Previously, The Stand was my favorite King book but I have to say I think It takes first place. I didn't quite know what to expect going into it. All I knew was that it was LONG and there was a killer clown terrorizing kids in the neighborhood. It took me almost a full month to read but it was absolutely worth the time. Yes, it was scary and thrilling, but what I really loved the most was the friendship and cadamerie between the members of the Loser's Club. They had a beautiful friendship. This is hands down one of King's best works, and I'd encourage you to consider reading it, even if you're typically not into scary books.  

I Found You | Lisa Jewell

After reading It, I felt liberated. I wanted to try and keep myself on track with my Goodreads reading goal for the year so I was looking for a book I could get through quickly. I first heard about I Found You from the Modern Mrs Darcy Summer Reading Guide, and happily was given a copy from Netgalley. I Found You was awesome! A single mother (whom I found to be hilarious) finds a man sitting on a beach outside of her house. When it begins to rain and he doesn't move, she decides to approach him and finds that he has no idea who he is and why he's sitting there. The plot takes off from there, and we're also introduced to a 21 year old woman who is new to the UK, who has just found out that her husband has gone missing. The story is told from alternating POVs and ultimately we get to find out who the man is and what led him there. I could have read through this in a day if I'd had more time (as it was, it took 2 :)) I was pleasantly surprised by this! I'd never heard of Lisa Jewell, but she is a best selling author from the UK and happily has a pretty substantial back catalog. I'll definitely be coming back to her. 

The Good House | Ann Leary

The Good House was one of those books that kept coming around to me. It came out in 2013, and when I heard about it yet again from a new favorite podcast of mine, All the Backlist, I decided to pick it up. Hildy Good is a relator and a maybe alcoholic. Her adult daughters stage an intervention to get her to finally get the helps she needs, but she's reluctant because, after all, she isn't REALLY an alcoholic. If you like unreliable narrators and funny protagonists, you'll probably get along with Hildy. Bonus- I think Hildy is nearing 60, and it was so great to hear from a woman that's middle aged for a change. 

Final Girls | Riley Sager

If you looked at Bookstagram on July 11th, there's no way you missed Final Girls. It was everywhere! And for good reason. Stephen King called it this summer's first thriller, and of course he isn't wrong. Final Girls is a play on the scary movie 'last girl standing' cliche, a label the media used to refer to 3 woman who were the only survivors of separate horror-movie scale massacres. Quincy Carpenter, the 3rd and most recent Final Girl, is a largely successful baking blogger who has managed to put the whole ordeal behind her. With the help of Xanax and baking. However, when the 2nd Final Girl, Sam, shows up on her doorstep after being off the grid for 15 years. There were plenty of scary parts, and I'd definitely call this a thriller and a page turner. I'm pretty sure this will end up being one of the top books I've read this year. Give it a try!

I've read 30 books of my 57 book goal, so Goodreads is telling me I'm on track to meet that. I'll take it! 

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