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How do you qualify a 5 star book?

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So I have a question. What makes a book 5 stars to you?

I've been finding lately that my opinions are changing when it comes to books I've rated 5 stars. It's not that upon a second read I decide it's not as good as I remember, I'm talking I change my mind about a book's rating just a few weeks after reading it.

Perfect example: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough. This was a thriller marketed as a book that will make you go #WTFthatending. It certainly made me go WTF, and at first I was super entertained. That said, now that I've stepped away from it a bit I'm less sure how I felt about it. Without getting too spoiler-y, I found the characters to be unlikable overall. The main character is a TERRIBLE mother. There were a lot of things that go along with a traditional thriller, including red herrings and cliffhanger chapter endings, but toward the end the book really went off the rails. And while I definitely didn't see the ending coming, looking at it a second time has made me more critical. It was kind of a far fetched, unrealistic trick. It certainly came as a surprise, but as someone commented on my Instagram about it, the ending was corny! I think I initially rated it 5 stars because I enjoyed the fact that I was surprised and that it was different. I did read this very quickly and liked that it was a page turner, but this isn't something I'll read again. Therefore, I don't think this will stay a 5 star read for me. Maybe 4? 3.5? 

So I'd like to know: what makes you rate a book 5 stars? Staying power? A book you'd recommend to a friend? Originality? I would love to hear what you think! 

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