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TBR & TBD | January 2018

TBR & TBD | January 2018

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Wow, is January a big month for exciting new releases! I had about 10 books that I am looking at that I could have added to my list, but I edited it down to the most intreguing.

TBR 1 | The Woman In The Window | AJ Finn | Release Date- January 2, 2018

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I think this might be one of the more hyped books for the beginning of 2018 and I'm here for it. The Woman in the Window is a psychological thriller loosely based on Hitchcock's Rear Window- a child psychologist who suffers from a a psychological disorder herself finds that her agoraphobia has caused her to be unable to leave her house. She's replacing face to face human interaction with spying on her neighbors. When a new couple moves in across the way, she hears and sees something that she definitely shouldn't have. Unreliable narrators make me nervous- I hated Rachel from The Girl on the Train- but the synopsis was too captivating for me to skip. It helps that Book of the Month has this listed as a pick for January!  I have high hopes for this one.                                                      

TBR 2 | When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing | Daniel H. Pink | Release Date- January 9, 2018

when .jpg

The beginning of a new year always has me looking at non-fiction. Have you ever thought about what caused the saying "timing is everything"? Daniel Pink supplies the science behind the phenomenon of timing and makes suggestions about when might be the best time to do things like change careers, marry, have children, or even go to the doctor.I don't know much about this author or his background, the this idea certainly grabbed me and I'm interested to learn more! 

TBD | Still Me | Jojo Moyes | Release Date- January 30, 2018

still me.jpg

I just can't help myself. Me Before You was a book that kept me up all night and made me openly weep, so any books that Jojo Moyes decides to release as a part of the series I'll be picking up. I read Book 2, After You, in a day and had mixed feelings about it. I guess in this book Louisa is in New York and working with a rich family as a caretaker again. I really don't know that we need to continue the story, but I liked the protagonist Lou enough to add this to my list. 

Honorable mention to The Wife Between Us. I read this back in September and wrote a review here so I won't stay here long, but if you like psychological thrillers with a twist, this one is definitely worth picking up. 

Last year- TBR & TBD January 2017 , featuring two thriller picks that I really enjoyed.  

What are some 2018 releases that you're excited about?

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