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TBR & TBD | November 2017

TBR & TBD | November 2017

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This is possibly the new release that's been the most hyped up for the month of November. (Well... with the new Andy Weir book being a close second). Weiner is better known as the creator of Mad Men, hence the hype. Heather The Totality tells the story of a rich family whose lives are upturned when a new neighbor moves in and disrupts their happy equilibrium. I love Mad Men and it's nihilistic vibe, so I'm very interested to see how this translates to literature. At the best, I'm hoping for another Noah Hawley. (Also, this cover is fantastic).

TBR 2 | Gold Dust Woman | Stephen Davis | Release Date: November 21st

New in non fiction, a Stevie Nicks biography.  Love the title, love the cover... But the synopsis is what really piqued my interest. It sounds like a biography that covers things from top to bottom and doesn't shy away from drama. I have high hopes for this, especially since the author, Stephen Davis, is known for his rock and roll memoirs. We get to hear about the band's inception, the affairs and controversy that surrounded the group, addiction, her solo career, her life today... And I'm here for all of it. 

TBR 3 | Renegades | Marissa Meyer | Release Date: November 7th

I am starting to believe that Marissa Meyer is a cyborg herself, a la Cinder. Its the only way to explain how she's about to come out with fantastically detailed fantasy stories year after year. Renegades takes place in a dystopian future where a group of humans with extraordinary abilities try and restore law and order in the new society. At the center are star crossed lovers Nova and Adrian, who each have their own secrets and reasons for opposing the other side. Renegades is her first book that builds a world that's not loosely based on fairy tale, so I'm very excited to see how it turns out.

TBD | Aretmis | Andy Weir | Release Date: November 14th

Now for the book that I'm most excited to read this month: Artemis! In case you don't know, Andy Weir also authored The Martain, aka one of the only books I've been able to read in 24 hours. Weir's strength is finding humor in dead end situations and in understanding and explaining science, so I'm not surprised that his sophomore novel takes place on the moon. Jazz is a woman who works as a porter on the first city on the moon, Artemis. She's not exactly happy with her lot in life and commits small crimes to help improve her situation. She stumbles into something that will be the biggest coup in her life thus far, only this time, she finds that the stakes involve who has control over the moon. I'm really excited about this, and if Jazz is anything like Mark Watney, then I think I'll like it just fine. 

That's it from me! What new releases are you most looking forward to?

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