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Four Book Friday | Books to Enjoy With Your PSL

Four Book Friday | Books to Enjoy With Your PSL

Is it wrong to believe that books have seasons? I suppose not, as there's definitely such a thing as a summer read. But today being the first official day of fall got me thinking about fall books. Not Halloween/spooky books (I totally have a post planned for those) but atmospheric books that give me the cozy, sweater weather/getting cooler/curling up with a books feels. Since today is the start of Fall, I thought I'd be the basic of all basics and give you four books for you to enjoy with your Pumpkin Spice Latte.

See What I Have Done | Sarah Schmidt

 Lizzie Borden is an American legend, best known for allegedly murdering her father and stepmother with an axe. In real life, the case remains unsolved. See What I Have Done is a fictionalized story about Lizzie Borden and offers an account of what really happened. The book creepy as can be and filled with metaphors that will make you gag and feel as stuck to Lizzie as her sister Emma. My enjoyment of this book was completely elevated when I found out the author was inspired to write the book because Lizzie visited her in her dreams and demanded the story be told. For 10 years straight. The author has a unique way of story telling, but once I got used to her frenetic writing style I loved it.

The Secret History | Donna Tartt

The start of fall means back to school and there's no book that puts me back into college life more than The Secret History. Four friends at a New England university find themselves under the spell of each other and their charismatic morally corrupt professor. They’re indelibly intertwined, as most college friends are, but when the group is faced with a murder things begin to unravel. There are drugs, recklessness, death, and unreliable narrators, and it couldn't be more disturbing and absorbing.

A Discovery of Witches | Deborah Harkness

I had to include at least a little fantasy. Diana Bishop comes from a long line of witches, but thats only a part of her story. She's also a PhD who discovers a lost book that holds the secret to immortality. The book opens up a parallel universe and Diana quickly finds herself in the midst of an interspecies war. She also happens to fall in love with a 1500 year old vampire, Matthew. I loved the blend of historical events and magical realism. This is a debut novel (!) and book one in the All Souls Trilogy. The entire All Souls series is a must read. 

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon | Stephen King

And of course, nothing says fall quite like Stephen King. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon isn't King's typical horror novel, but its atmosphere and tension makes it a perfect addition to the list. It’s set in the New England woods in the fall. Tricia is just a kid on a hike in Maine with her family. She becomes annoyed with their continued arguing and forges ahead without them. Problem is... She gets lost. Very lost. And all she has is her dying Walkman and Red Sox game over the radio to keep her company. That, and whatever terrifying creatures are in the shadows... This is a quick read at just over 250 pages- and it's a great way to get into Stephen King if you've been wanting to do so but think you might be too afraid.

What are your favorite books to read in the fall? 

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