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Reading Week | 1.7.19

Reading Week | 1.7.19

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A part of my 2019 resolution includes posting more consistently here. Last year, I posted the Quick Lit linkup with Modern Mrs. Darcy on the 15th of each month, my TBR and TBD posts toward the end of the month, and the odd review. My plan for 2019 is to keep doing those link ups but to add more reviews, include more “off the cuff” posts, be more consistent with Weekend Reading, and add Reading Week.

For Reading Week, I’ll be linking up with Kathryn at The Book Date. She is the host of “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?” and I think it’s a nice way to talk about the books I’m moving through as I’m reading them. I also want to share a bit from my Instagram and future reading plans.

Also- was New Year’s Eve really a week ago? Time is funny.

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From Instagram

I finished reading

Reading Week | Week 1 | TBR Etc.

Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk by Kathleen Rooney. I wrote a post earlier in the year about Books I’m Taking Off my TBR List and poor Lillian was listed. But thanks to Adam at the Professional Book Nerds calling it one of his favorite backlist reads from last year, I picked it up. It also takes place on New Year’s Eve, making it the perfect first book of the year to read.

I’m currently reading

Dave Cullen has a new book coming out this year called Parkland: Birth of a Movement and I’m currently re-reading his last book, Columbine. I read it a long time ago but am enjoying it on audio- as much as one can enjoy a book about a school shooting. Cullen is a fantastic writer and he shares the stories of the victims and families with respect.

I also started We Cast a Shadow by Maurice Carlos Ruffin. I’m only a few chapters in but it’s really compelling. It’s being compared to the movie, Get Out, and I can already see why.

Upcoming Reading Plans

The Gown- A Novel of the Royal Wedding | TBR Etc.

The Gown | Jennifer Robson | I’m a bit of an Anglophile and I love all things Royals. The Gown looks great- it’s historical fiction about the creation of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown and the women who made it.

New ARCs

She Lies in Wait | Gytha Lodge | Via Penguin Random House | 1/8/19 | Continuing the string of novels about people who get lost in the woods, She Lies in Wait is an upcoming thriller about six friends, one of whom might be a killer. Thirty years later, the discovery of her body reopens the cold case. A small town cop is determined to uncover the truth. You guys know I love thrillers, so I’ll be interested to see how this one stacks up.

The Dreamers | Karen Thompson Walker | Via Penguin Random House | I1.15.19 | n a college town in Southern California, a young woman goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up. Her friends and paramedics can’t rouse her, but she’s not dead- she’s showing unusual brain activity that shows she’s dreaming. And others are beginning to fall asleep too. I’m a big fan of dystopian books and haven’t read one in awhile, so I’m very excited to start this!

We Cast a Shadow | Maurice Carlos Ruffin | Via Netgalley | 1.29.19 | This has one of my favorite covers I’ve seen. In the near future in a city plagued by violence toward black people, a father is considering having his biracial son undergo an experimental medical procedure that will change his skin to fully white.

What are you reading now?

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What I Learned Reading 100 Books in a Year

Weekend Reads | Links I Love for Week 1 | 1.4.19

Weekend Reads | Links I Love for Week 1 | 1.4.19