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TBR and TBD | November 2018
What to Read Nov 2018 | TBR Etc

You know, I always assumed that the end of the year would be slower in publishing, but there are surprisingly so many highly anticipated new releases for me this month! I’ve read one of them already, have pre-ordered two, and have one in my shopping cart. I Here’s what I’m looking forward to for November!

Nine Perfect Strangers | Liane Moriarty | Release Date: November 6th

There’s a new Liane Moriarty! She’s the author of Big Little Lies and several other books and I think by this point, I’ve read all of her books. I did not love her last release, Truly Madly, Guiltily, but I have hope for Nine Perfect Strangers. The story centers on nine people who are in a posh health resort in Australia. They all have their own stories about why they’re there- many of them with reasons that are still unknown to themselves. Her books are generally compulsively readable with vivid characters- some of whom you hate, some you love, and some you will want to root for. I am glad that it’s been a couple of years since her last new release- in my mind, it means this one will be a story well told. If you are a Book of the Month Club member (or if you’re not and are so inclined- sign up with my referral link)- this is a November add on! I love the way these books look on my shelf, and for $10, you can’t beat it.  

Becoming | Michelle Obama | Release Date: November 13th  

Of course I had to get this one- it’s one of my pre-orders. Michelle is my Beyonce. I cannot wait to listen to her story! I got it on Audible because she self-narrates it, but this might be one that I also need to pick up in hardcover.

Evil Has a Name: The Untold Story of the Golden State Killer Investigation | Paul Holes, Jim Clemente, Peter McDonnell | Release Date: November 15th

Speaking of pre-orders, I also picked this up. It’s apparently only available on Audible and it’s the behind the scenes of the investigation of the Golden State Killer, told from the perspective of those that were there. (Speaking of Paul Holes- did you see that he was the surprise guest at the My Favorite Murder live show in Sacramento!? I live). The Golden State Killer is still one of the craziest true crime stories I’ve ever heard. This would be a great companion to I’ll Be Gone In the Dark.

My Sister the Serial Killer | Oyinkan Braithwaite | Release Date: November 20th

My Sister the Serial Killer is the book that I’ve already read. The title does not lie. Korede’s sister, Ayoola, has a nasty habit of killing her boyfriends. Since Korede is the responsible older sister and family duty calls, she’s always the one responsible for cleaning up after her messes. Literally, they use her car to transport bodies and since she’s a nurse, she has access to powerful cleaning tools and knows how to get rid of blood stains. It doesn’t help that Ayoola is stunningly beautiful. When she sets her sights on a man that Korede has been pining over for years, Korede is forced to choose between family and doing the right thing. I thought the story was unique, sharp, and nihilistic. It’s also got a great cover and it’s a debut- two of my favorite things!

November 2017 TBR & TBD

What are you reading this month? I’ve officially read 80 books this year (my most ever), and for some reason have this compulsion to throw in 20 more to make it an even 100. I think my best shot at getting there are audiobooks, thrillers, and YA. Wish me luck!

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