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Books I'm Taking Off My TBR List

Books I'm Taking Off My TBR List

Friends, with the rise of bookstagram and book blogs and podcasts, my TBR list is toppling.

Before writing this post, I had 386 books on my “to read” list on Goodreads. (!!) I also know that I’m not totally consistent with marking books that I want to read as “to read” on Goodreads, too, so there are many more than that that I’d eventually like to get to that are not on that list.

I decided to take some books off of my TBR because I wanted to whittle my list down to books that I actually want to read, not ones that I feel like I “should” read for one reason or another. I hope that by doing this I will make more of an effort to get to the books that I’m the most interested in. I also want to get better at DNF’ing books- I do it once in awhile now, but I think if I set a hard cut off for myself after 100 or so pages I’ll be apt to read even more widely.

Since playing around with that Goodreads list, I got it down to 230 books. My current to be read list is here.

I didn’t think it would be interesting to for me to list every single title, but here are the more noteworthy books I took off of my TBR list.

Superficial | Andy Cohen | I love Andy Cohen and all of his shows, but I couldn’t get through this. He joked that the alternate title should be diary of a name dropper- and that would have been more fitting.

The Tipping Point | Malcolm Gladwell | I think there are good elements to this one, but I feel like I got a lot of it from podcasts.

The Pillars of the Earth | Ken Follet | Ah, an old Oprah book club favorite. I think I missed the boat on this one.

All The Light We Cannot See | Anthony Doerr | I know this is widely loved, but right now I can’t get through WWII fiction (aside from The Book Thief). Maybe I’ll try again someday.

The Goldfinch | Donna Tartt | This is a chunky book that people either love or hate. I thought The Secret History was fine, but not one of my favorites. I’m not rushing to read more by the author.

Ender’s Game | Orson Scott Card | I gotta say I don’t know anything about this one other than it’s pretty popular and there’s a movie.

The Crucible | Arthur Miller | I bought this from a used book store when I used to buy only the books that I thought I “should” read.

Crime and Punishment | Frodor Dostoyevsky | I just don’t think I’ll make it.

Bachelor Nation | Amy Kaufman | I started it but I feel like I’ve seen so much of the Bachelor that there’s nothing really new here.

The Fifth Petal | Brunonia Berry | This might have been the first physical ARC I received. I kept meaning to read it but I think it’s finally time I let it go.

White Oleander | Janet Finch | Another Oprah’s Book Club Pick that was popular in the early 2000’s.

Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk | Kathleen Rooney | This was the first Book of the Month book I got, but I’m not sure what made me choose it.

Two Girls Down | Luisa Luna | Another BOTM selection that sounded good at the time, but I think I’m burnt out on missing girls books.

How Hard Can It Be? | Allison Pearson | This was sent to me, and it’s a sequel to a book I haven’t read. Nothing about it was calling to me (besides the cover!)

A Piece of the World | Christina Baker Kline | I liked her book The Orphan Train, but the premise of this isn’t grabbing me.

Love Warrior | Glennon Doyle Melton | I know she has a large following. I think she’s a good writer and her story will help a ton of people, but I don’t know if I’d enjoy reading this at this stage in my life.

You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine | Alexandra Kleeman | This has a wonderfully weird premise, but I can tell that it’s going to be the kind of book that confuses me more than anything else.

The Memory Box | Eva Natiello | An oldish psychological thriller with mixed reviews. I have enough of those.

I’m not encouraging you to take these books off of your list- but I am encouraging you that if a book doesn’t make you excited to read it,

Questions- I’m curious: how do you keep track of your TBR List? I’m scattered and want to get better. Currently I add a book to either Goodreads or Amazon, but I find that I’m forgetting what made me put the book on my list in the first place. I’d to come up with a better system.

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