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Reading Week | 2.4.19

Reading Week | 2.4.19

Reading Week | 2.4.19 | TBR Etc.

We did it! We made it to February. I survived the Polar Vortex and am enjoying the balmy 50 degrees today. I’m not doing as much reading as I’d like to be, but what can you do. Here’s what I have been working on!

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Goodness, my reading goals are ambitious this month.

I finished reading

We Cast a Shadow | Maurice Carlos Ruffin | I’m going to come out with a full review on this one, because I haven’t seen many people talking about it yet. Reading this book was such an experience. We have an unnamed narrator in an unnamed Southern town sometime in “post post racial” America. He’s convinced the best way we can provide for his mixed race son is to pay to have him go through demelanization- a treatment that will make him white. I liked the narrator’s tone and really went through the range of emotions reading this. Overall- an incredible debut that’s worthy of all the praise it gets.

I’m currently reading

The Gunslinger | Stephen King | I’m starting to get into The Dark Tower! I think I ‘get’ what’s going on. I was afraid the world building would be too far out there for it to resonate with me, but the hints of modernity keep me focused.

Long Walk to Freedom | Nelson Mandela | For Black History Month (and for the rest of the year), I am making a consorted effort to read more Black authors/ authors of color. I wanted to listen to an audiobook and started The Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela and its fascinating. I was halfway through before I realized I was listening to the abridged version (I was wondering why it was only 6 and a half hours long…) but I feel like I’m too far in to restart. #BookwormProblems. I am enjoying the abridged on audio- Danny Glover narrates.

Upcoming Reading Plans

The Proposal | Jasmine Guillory | I need something light. I think I’ll read The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory- last year, I read her first book, The Wedding Date, and thought it was great. The Proposal is in the same world as The Wedding Date, but Drew’s best friend Carlos gets this focus in this one.

New ARCs

American Pop | Snowden Wright | Release Date: 2/5/19 | This is domestic drama that is loosely based on the Coca-Cola family. I love rich people problems and this sounds like a nice balance of compelling and entertaining.

The Mastermind: Drugs, Empire, Murder, Betrayal | Evan Ratliff | Release Date: 1/29/19 | The true story of a quest to bring down Paul Le Roux- the creator of an internet led cartel who is as ruthless as a drug lord and as savvy as a Silicon Valley unicorn. This sounds like it’s equal parts fascinating and terrifying.

Remember Us | Lindsay Blake, Layne James | Release Date: 10/8/18 | More family drama! A mother who has been estranged for 13 years shows up on her kids’ doorstep after she finds out their father has cancer. Love this cover, too.

I Owe You One | Sophie Kinsella | Release Date: 2/5/19 | I used to LOVE Sophie Kinsella back in the day. She’s generally good for a breezy pick me up with over the top characters that seem like they’re going to annoy you but you end up liking despite yourself. I haven’t read anything from her since the Shopaholic series, so I’m definitely open to giving it a try.

What are you reading now?

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We Cast a Shadow | Speculative Satire for a "Post Post Racial" World

We Cast a Shadow | Speculative Satire for a "Post Post Racial" World

Ideas for the Professional Book Nerds Reading Challenge

Ideas for the Professional Book Nerds Reading Challenge