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Reading Week | 5.13.19
Reading Week 5.13.19 | TBR etc.

I admire those people that can read one book at a time and who manage to put down books that aren’t bringing in their attention in fast enough. Right now, I’m in the middle of 3- Notes from a Young Black Chef, Out East, and Those People. I’m liking them all but one hasn’t stood out more than another- yet.

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Which type of book collector are you? Do you only buy books that you’ve already read and loved or buy books with the hope that you’ll love it?

I Finished Reading

The Night Before | Wendy Walker |  Free from St. Martin’s Press  | I’ve got a full review coming out tomorrow- but all in all I liked it. Laura has always had a fun time with relationships, but when she goes on a date with a man she met on a dating site and doesn’t come home- her sister assumes the worst. It was a pretty clever page turner that kept my interest, but probably not a story I’ll remember long term. 3.75 stars.

Necessary People | TBR etc.

Necessary People | Anna Pitoniak | Release Date: 5.21.19 | My May BOTM pick was a pleasant surprise! It was a delicious little book about ambition, status, and work ethic set against the backdrop of a cable news network. I'm a sucker for rich people problems and this book is rife with them. This was not a thriller- I’d call it more suspense than anything else- but I was hooked. I’d give it about 4.25 stars.

I’m Currently Reading

Out East | TBR etc.

Out East | John Glynn | Release Date: 5.14.19 | Boy, can I identify with young John. He’s 27 and moving up the ladder in a career that he loves, but is experiencing a sense of existential dread. His friends are starting to get pair off and find their way, but he’s still questioning where he’s going and who he might be with. It’s interesting but a little slow and I’m ready to get into the meat of the story.

Upcoming Reading Plans

Those People | Louise Candlish |  Free from Berkley | I’ve read the first couple of chapters and I love the set up. A group of families have worked to cultivate the perfect community. Something bad has happened to one of the neighbors and the rest of the people on the street are reporting what they know about it to the police. It’s got elements of Big Little Lies and Watching You, but what it's building to seems pretty black and white so I'm curious to see if it gets interesting.

Book Mail

State of the Union: A Marriage in Ten Parts | Nick Hornby | Penguin Random House #partner | Release Date: 5.7.19 | A heartbreaking, funny, and honest look inside of a marriage falling apart and the lengths a couple would go to in order to fix it. It's also a show on Sundance.

Limelight | Amy Poeppel | Release Date: 5.14.19 | Booksparks Partner | New in paperback, a mother moves her entire family from their comfortable place in Dallas to chase their dreams in Manhattan. It's harder than she expected but with the help of her unlikely new famous friend, she thinks can find a way. I love stories set in NY and this sounds like a great summer pick for me.

The Southern Side of Paradise | Kristy Woodson Harvey | Release Date: 5.7.19 | Booksparks Partner | This book begs to be brought  with to the pool. Fans of family drama and Southern fiction-  this one's for you! "With the man of her dreams back in her life and  all three of her daughters happy, Ansley Murphy should be content. But  she can’t help but feel like it’s all a little too good to be true."

Park Avenue Summer | Renee Rosen | Release Date: 4.30.19 | Another juicy NY story for me! Mad Men meets The Devil Wears Prada when Alice leaves her safe Midwestern town to work for the first female editor in chief of Cosmopolitan.

The Missing Years | Lexie Elliott | Release Date: 4.23.19 | I liked Elliott’s last book, The French Girl so I'm excited to try this. Alisa inherits half of a house in the Scottish highlands- the other half going to her estranged father. This sounds a bit like Ruth Ware's last book, The Death of Mrs Westaway.

What does your reading week look like?

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Review of The Night Before | Wendy Walker | TBR etc.

Review of The Night Before | Wendy Walker | TBR etc.

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Thoughts on my latest BOTM pick | Review of Miracle Creek