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Reading Week | 6.17.19
Reading Week 6.17.19 | TBR etc.

Man- what a fantastic weekend! We finally got our house together and were able to host Father’s Day. I’m a simple person, and one of my greatest joys is having people over. I also managed to finish a 500+ page book in a weekend! Linking up with Kathryn at The Book Date- the host of “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?”

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I’m looking for a great thriller! I’ve read so many 3 star ones this year but have a feeling this one will break me out of it.

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💭What's the best psychological thriller you've read this year?@putnambooks #partner . Help me out guys. Your resident psychological thriller obsessed reader has been in a major thriller/suspense slump this spring/summer! Really hoping GIRLS LIKE US will get me out of it. People rave about the author's last book, THE BANKER'S WIFE, so I'm thinking this has promise. . "FBI Agent Nell Flynn hasn't been home in ten years. Nell and her father, Homicide Detective Martin Flynn, have never had much of a relationship. And Suffolk County will always be awash in memories of her mother, Marisol, who was brutally murdered when Nell was just seven. . When Martin Flynn dies in a motorcycle accident, Nell returns to the house she grew up in so that she can spread her father's ashes and close his estate. At the behest of her father's partner, Detective Lee Davis, Nell becomes involved in an investigation into the murders of two young women in Suffolk County. The further Nell digs, the more likely it seems to her that her father should be the prime suspect--and that his friends on the police force are covering his tracks. Plagued by doubts about her mother's murder--and her own role in exonerating her father in that case--Nell can't help but ask questions about who killed Ria Ruiz and Adriana Marques and why. But she may not like the answers she finds--not just about those she loves, but about herself." Out July 2!

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I Finished Reading

Summer of ‘69 | Elin Hilderbrand | Out 6.18.19 | This fell right into my "like it" category. I enjoyed the cultural Easter eggs and writing style. I find I'm more attracted to stories that go deep with fewer characters, and in this we got surface from many. Hilderbrand touched on issues present during this time period but in a very subtle way. I wanted her to GO THERE, you know? But all in all I liked the characters (except for Kate) and thought it was a compelling beach read.

City of Girls | TBR etc.

City of Girls | Elizabeth Gilbert | Available Now | This book was an absolute delight. It’s fizzy and sexy and well written with Gilbert’s unique ability to have the character's self-awareness jump off the page. I devoured this nearly 500 page book in a weekend. The story is about Vivian, a now 89-year-old woman who's telling the story of on her life via a letter to someone's daughter. It starts in NYC in the 1940s and we get taken through her life as a costume maker in her aunt's theater, during WWII, and finally as she comes into her own later in life. I'm not the first to say this, but think EVELYN HUGO meets LILLIAN BOXFISH. (Great on audio too). Pick it up! 5 ⭐️

Upcoming Reading Plans

I have been having the best luck picking books over the last few weeks and I want to keep the trend going. I’m experiencing a little bit of decision paralysis on my next one. It’s either going to be We Are All Good People Here, Lady in the Lake, or Girls Like Us. (Any suggestions?)

Book Mail

All of the titles below were sent by the publishers.

The Dead Girl in 2A | Carter Wilson | Pub Day 7.2.19 | From Harper Paperbacks
We Are All Good People Here | Susan Rebecca White | Pub Date: 8.6.19 | From Booksparks
The Most Fun We Ever Had | Pub Date: 6.25.19 | From Doubleday
Whisper Network | Chandler Baker | Pub Date: 7.2.19 | From Booksparks

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Best Audiobooks I've Listened to This Year

Best Audiobooks I've Listened to This Year

How to Get Started on Bookstagram

How to Get Started on Bookstagram