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Reading Week | 6.23.19
Reading Week 6.24.19 | TBR etc.

It’s been a week. I thought things were supposed to slow down during the summer? Everything going on has affected my reading life- I swear, I am having the worst time picking with a book and sticking with it. I did finish one and I was so into it… I got my wallet stolen right out of my purse as I was reading. Lesson learned.

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Best Audiobooks I Listened to This Year

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It’s my 1000th post! And I thought I’d share my top 5 all time favorite books. At least…these are my picks this week.

I Finished Reading

Things You Save in a Fire | Katherine Center | Out 8.13.19 | I loved Center’s How to Walk Away- and happily, this one I thought this was the perfect summer read! It was sweet- but not too saccharine. Cassie is a firefighter and has spent the majority of her life trying to get over the pain of her mother leaving her when she was 16. She became a badass firefighter and loves the life she’s built, but when her estranged mother asks her to move in with her to help with her health problems, everything changes. The story had depth but also made me laugh a lot. I thought the author captured the first responder experience really well and I loved this strong protagonist. Recommend!


We Are All Good People Here | Susan Rebecca White | Out 8.6.19 | I gave it the good ‘ol college try, but after 88 pages I couldn’t get into it. Eve and Daniella are college roommates that come from different worlds. Eve comes from a wealthy and privileged Atlanta family and Daniela, from a progressive and (gasp!) Jewish family from Washington DC. The two get wrapped up in the politics and activism of the time- and i think there’s a lot of potential, but ultimately the 3rd person writing style didn’t allow for me to connect with the characters. Great cover though.

Currently Reading

Whisper Network | Chandler Baker | I got my copy from Booksparks- out July 2 | I was initially hesitant to start this because of the difficult and timely subject matter- a group of professional women decide that #timesup for their unscrupulous boss and speak out against him. But the reviews have been positive and after a couple of pages- I'm hooked. Excited to see where this story goes!

Upcoming Reading Plans

I took to Instagram yesterday to see what books people would like to see me review over there. So far, it’s looking like The Most Fun We Ever Had, Girls Like Us, and The Age of Light had the most votes.

Book Mail

All of the titles below were sent by the publishers.

Growing Things and Other Stories | Paul Tremblay | Pub Day 7.2.19 | From William Morrow
A Family of Strangers | Emilie Richards | Pub Day 6.25.19 | From MIRA

All from Scribner! Out now.

Scribner | TBR etc.

The Peach Truck Cookbook | Stephen Rose and Jessica Rose
Dear Mrs Bird | AJ Pearce
His Favorites | Kate Walbert
Tender is the Night | F. Scott Fitzgerald
Lie With Me | Philippe Bensson

Here’s hoping for a productive and positive week to come!

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Reading Week | 7.1.19

Reading Week | 7.1.19

Best Audiobooks I've Listened to This Year

Best Audiobooks I've Listened to This Year