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Reading Week | 7.15.19

I missed last week’s post so I’ve got a few mini reviews for you this week. Wanderers gave me a serious book hangover, I finished a lighter book that I really liked, and read one of the most hyped thrillers of the year.

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On Instagram I talk a lot about books that I’ve read and books that are coming out, but I didn’t have an easy way to track the books that I’ve read and w. From now on, I’ll use the hashtag #tbretcrecs indicate if it’s something I endorse. I’m still working on going back through and tagging my photos, but I think it’s a fun way to see only the good stuff.

I also set up an Amazon Storefront! I don’t know why I didn’t create this sooner. I’m still updating it, but I’ve posted my favorite fiction and non-fiction books along with my non-book favorites. You can shop my storefront here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/tbretc?ref=exp_inf_sh_own_tbretc As always, if you make a purchase I get a few pennies from it.

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I Finished Reading

Wanderers | Chuck Wendig | Out now | Sent to me by Random House | Guys. What a ride. WANDERERS is the latest addition to my all time favorites list. It's post apocalyptic dystopian that's simultaneously character driven and action packed. Yes, it's over 700 pages long and is a time investment, but it gets better as it goes on. Rest assured, everything comes together. If you liked Recursion, you can hang with this. Recommend! 5⭐️

Evvie Drake Starts Over | Linda Holmes | #prhpartner | Out Now | After reading the nearly 800 page Wanderers, I needed something light. Evvie Drake is a young woman who has just lost her husband. She doing her best to move on in her own way, when she gains a roommate. Dean Tenney is a former MLB pitcher who's got the "yips"- and in order to manage, they make a pact to not ask the other about the thing that's breaking them. This was a delight! I thought this was the perfect balance of light and smart. I was rooting for all of the characters. The banter was witty- never veering too far into cheesy and the curve balls in the plot (heh) kept me guessing. This would be great for anyone who's ever dealt with loss or struggled with starting over. For fans of Katherine Center or Jasmine Guillory. 4.5 rating from me.

The Chain | Adrian McKinty | From Netgalley | I won’t stay here too long since I just posted a full review, but if you’re a reader that’s able to suspend your disbelief and want a thriller that’s borderline ridiculous but seriously sucks you in, pick up this one. 3.5 stars.

Currently Reading

An Unsettled Grave | Bernard Schaffer | Sent to me by the publisher | I do this weird then whenever I agree to review a book in exchange for a free copy, I wait until the absolute last moment to read it. I’m more of a mood reader and something about the deadline makes me want to procrastinate. I finally started An Unsettled Grave- book 2 in the Santero and Rein series- and I’m loving it! Cassie Santero is a woman in the police force who’s recently been promoted to detective. A small foot gets unearthed in the Pennsylvania woods and she uncovers a decades old cold case. The writing is excellent and the author is a police officer so it all reads very authentic. It’s reminding me of Tana French’s Into the Woods.

Upcoming Reading Plans


I love being influenced by other Bookstagrammers. I immediately added The Gifted School to my July BOTM pick after reading Megan's review. I loooove rich people problems and schoolyard drama between parents, so I’m thinking this will be right in my wheelhouse.

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Gritty, Authentic Police Procedural  | Review of An Unsettled Grave by Bernard Schaffer

Gritty, Authentic Police Procedural | Review of An Unsettled Grave by Bernard Schaffer

You Would Never Break the Chain  | Review of The Chain by Adrian McKinty

You Would Never Break the Chain | Review of The Chain by Adrian McKinty