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Reading Week | 7.22.19
Reading Week 7.22.19

It’s been a great week! I was off so I got to spend a lot of time reading and with Jonathan- and we got another puppy!

Meet Grace and Clark!

Turns out- having two dogs is harder than having one. They’re already doing much better though. Grace is a 6 month old Lab mix and she’s perfect! If you’re in Chicago and looking to adopt, definitely look into Felines and Canines. They’re the best and very dedicated to their animals and to finding the right pet for your family. We got both of our rescues here. But on to the books!

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Review of An Unsettled Grave

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You guys really had a lot to say about this photo. I promise I watched the game- just had it with me for the train ride ;) And I couldn’t put it down!

I Finished Reading

I participated in 24in48 Readathon and although I didn’t get to my 24 hours, I beat my previous 11 hours with 13 hours 40. That said, I read 2 books from start to finish and started a third. I’ll take it!

An Unsettled Grave | Bernard Schaffer | Out 7.30.19 | Sent to me by Kensington Publishing | Did a full review for this one, but I thought it was excellent. Very gritty story featuring a solidly written female detective protagonist.

A Stranger on the Beach | Michelle Campbell | Out 7.23.19 | Sent to me by St. Martin’s Press | I thought this was a very entertaining, classic summer thriller. On the outside, Caroline seems to have the perfect life- a rich husband who’s devoted to her, a beautiful NY apartment, a loving daughter, and a gorgeous beach house. But when her husband brings another woman to their housewarming party, everything she’s built quickly begins to unravel. To let her hair down, she goes to the local townie bar and meets Aidan, a bad boy who looks like Brad Pitt and happens to have a surprising connection to the land her new beach house is built on. One thing leads to another and the two become more involved than either thought possible. This was one of those that made me shake my first at the dumb decisions the characters were making but kept my attention the whole way. This goes on my “recommended” thrillers list- a list that I’ve been having trouble adding to this year!

The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother | James McBride | I truly had no idea this was such a well known book. I picked it up after hearing Anne recommend it to someone on What Should I Read Next, and for obvious reasons I was drawn to it. Ruth McBride Jordan had a fascinating life- she is a Polish immigrant and daughter to an abusive Jewish father. When she leaves her family home to settle down with a Black man in New York, she remakes herself and becomes evasive about her ethnicity and her past. She goes on to have twelve Black children and becomes a widow twice over- but her devotion to her faith and family never wavered. In this book, her son James set off to finally get answers about his mother's past and his own heritage. Through alternating viewpoints, McBride explores themes of race, identity, family, growing up, and finding yourself. Great on audio

The Mother in Law | Sally Hepworth | Not the book I was expecting (this isn't a thriller) but I thought it was a solidly written family drama. This opens with telling us who died and works backward to show what happened- I love that structure. All of the characters had their own secrets to hold and while I had an issue with the 180 that one of them did, overall I enjoyed the ride

Save Me the Plums | Ruth Reichl | This is a solid addition to the foodie memoir genre! I know Reichl is a prolific author but I wasn't familiar with her work before this. This covers her time as the editor of Gourmet Magazine. Unsurprisingly, I really enjoyed the way she describes food. So much so, I was compelled to pick up the physical copy after listening on audio so that I could have the recipes. She lived a lavish lifestyle during her time at the magazine but I didn't find it to be self-aggrandizing. If you like audio books I do recommend listening to this- I loved her deep voice, NY accent, and correct pronunciation for food items I'd never heard of. Interesting story!

Currently Reading

Toil & Trouble | Augusten Burroughs | Sent to me by St. Martin’s Press | Does anyone else get nervous when a favorite author comes out with a new book? I’m so excited that Burroughs came out a new memoir, but when I found out he’s talking about his experience as a witch, I can’t help but be skeptical. So far it’s good- it’s got the same Augusten writing style and humor, but I’m curious to see where it’ll go.

Book Mail

Dominicana | Angie Cruz | Out 9.3.19 | Flatiron Books
The Swallows | Lisa Lutz | Out 8.13.19 | Random House
The Escape Room | Megan Goldin | Out 7.30.19 | St. Martin’s Press
The Crossed Out Notebook | Nicolas Giacobone | Out 9.24.19 | Scribner

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Reading Week | 8.5.19

Reading Week | 8.5.19

Gritty, Authentic Police Procedural  | Review of An Unsettled Grave by Bernard Schaffer

Gritty, Authentic Police Procedural | Review of An Unsettled Grave by Bernard Schaffer