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Reading Week | 8.12.19

Happy Monday! Nothing like wrapping a book on your morning walk to get your day started the right way.

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Book stack of titles I’m prioritizing for the rest of 2019! I’m really trying to focus on the books that have a shot at being on the “best of” lists and reading my ARCs so I can make recommendations. I recently started tracking my ARCs (finally!) and I really think it’ll help me give recommendation in advance of their publication date.

I Finished Reading

Hollow Kingdom | Kira Jane Buxton | This charming debut took me a little longer to read than I expected, but I enjoyed it. Our addiction to technology has finally caught up with us- a virus is turning the human race into zombies and because of our failure to evolve, we’re becoming extinct. Through the eyes of an anthropomorphic crow, S.T, we get to see how the world carries on with out us. This book is oddly uplifting- way funnier than I was expecting- and I found myself rooting for the crow and his murder. This was 100% outside of my comfort zone, but I'm finding more and more that I'd rather spend my reading time on something completely original than another mediocre thriller.⁣ 4.5 stars.

Never Have I Ever | Joshilyn Jackson | Free from TLC Book Tours | Never Have I Ever totally exceeded my expectations. On the surface, it looks like a run of the mill domestic suspense story. A beautiful woman from the wrong side of the tracks moves to town and all of the catty moms are simultaneously jealous and jockeying to be her best friend. Happily, I was wrong! This story had a lot more nuance than I was expecting. There is a boozy book club and single mom, Roux, crashes the party and gets everyone to drink way too much and spill their secrets. Host Amy Whey loves her ordinary life. Like anyone, has some secrets from her past but she’s made her peace with it- but Roux isn’t having that. What worked for me is that this entire story is told from Amy’s viewpoint. I’m burnt out on suspense that switch perspectives back and forth and the single narration really allowed me to get her full story. I also loved that the author didn’t go for shock value with the twists. Amy very organically gets backed into a corner and I couldn’t wait to see how she handled it. Roux is a vixen with an agenda, and while I might have liked to know a little more about her back story I still really enjoyed this book. 4.75 🌟overall!

So You Want to Start a Podcast: Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Story, and Building a Community That Will Listen | Kristen Meinzer | So, I’m totally not the target audience for this book (See also: I don’t have a podcast and don’t plan to start one) but I’m a big fan of Kristen’s podcast with Jolenta Greenberg By The Book and I wanted to support her. This was a clear, easy to understand, and entertaining look into the world of podcasting! Kristen's voice comes through loud and clear. I enjoyed the concrete examples and most of all, her empowerment! I I was surprised that most of what she shared can translate to anything creative. I enjoyed this inside baseball look at podcasting.

Upcoming Reading Plans

The Nickel Boys | Colson Whitehead | Out now | I have heard nothing but good things about Colson Whitehead’s latest release. It’s based on the true story of a brutal reform school in Jim Crow era Florida, where boys are sent to supposedly be turned into “honest and honorable young men” but really are terrorized by the sadistic staff. I’m sure this book will equal parts wonderful and infuriating.

What are you reading?

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Unexpectedly Heartwarming | Review of Things You Save in a Fire

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Eight Books to Read Before the End of 2019