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Reading Week | 4.1.19

Reading Week | 4.1.19

Reading Week 4.1.19 | TBR etc.

It’s a new reading month! In March, I finished 8- 3 audiobooks, 2 ebooks, and 3 physical. I’m going for quality and not quantity this year, but I’m still on pace to get to over 80.

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It was a great reading month! Daisy Jones was my favorite, but I liked them all.

I Finished Reading

Queenie | Candie Carty-Williams | Queenie was great. I hate that this was marketed as Bridget Jones meets Americanah- I didn’t quite get either of those. Queenie is going through it- she and her boyfriend of three years are on a break, she’s not exactly where she thought she would be at work, and her family life is… complicated. She knows things would be better if she could just make Tom see what he was missing, but he doesn’t seem to want to take her calls. Or texts. Reading this made me really happy I’m no longer in my 20s because boy, did some parts resonate. The story also had powerful examples of microaggression- I loved this flawed and genuine character.

Life Will Be The Death of Me…And You Too! | Chelsea Handler | This was Chelsea's best-and most honest- memoir yet. Its still got that Chelsea brand of humor but she gets deep about privilege, politics, activism, drugs, family, and finding meaning in your life. It's really personal and probably won't appeal to every reader, but I enjoyed it. It made me think and made a great case for therapy. What...a delight.

Washington Black | Esi Edugyan | George Washington Black is a field hand who got chosen to work as a man servant for the plantation owner’s brother. They’re forced to leave the island after Washington gets blamed for a crime he didn’t commit, and what follows is a decade long adventure to the US, the Arctic, Canada, England, Amsterdam, and Morocco. Wash sees things he never dreamed of, but the further he gets from where he started, the more he finds out about himself. There were some parts that were a little too neatly tied together, but what I really loved was that this wasn’t a “white savior” story. Titch helped Wash, but put him in immense danger, too. I think fans of Where the Crawdads Sing would like this one.

I’m Currently Reading

They All Fall Down | Rachel Howzell Hall | A 40 something mother is signs up to be on a reality show, where she and a group of six strangers agree to be filmed on a remote island. She and her companions have been brought to there under false pretenses—and they all have their secrets. I just started, but I have to know what’s happening.


The Invited | Jennifer McMahon | I’m talking a page out of Sarah’s book and putting down books that aren’t hooking me. The Invited isn’t a bad book; I’ve read good reviews and the writing was solid, I’m just not generally interested in small town secrets/history. This was shaping up to be too slow and not creepy enough for me, so I moved on.

Upcoming Reading Plans

Stalker | Lars Kepler | I’m salty because I just realized that this is book FIVE in a series, but a lot of my good thriller rec sources (Dennis, Chelsea, Renee, Abby CBTB…) gave this 5 stars, so I’m going to fight my completest tendency and jump in. It’s a serial killer thriller with an ending that will supposedly shock you, so I basically have no choice.

New ARCs

Those People | Louise Candlish | Berkley #Partner | Release Date: June 11th, 2019 | Twisty domestic suspense. An unruly couple turns up in an otherwise pristine block, when a horrific death shocks the neighborhood. Someone knows what really happened, but who?

Good Talk | Mira Jacob | Penguin Random House #Partner | Release Date: March 26th, 2019 | This book is wonderful! It’s a graphic memoir about an interracial family- the illustrations are gorgeous and I love the conversations.

Charged: Overzealous Prosecutors, the Quest for Mercy, and the Fight to Transform Criminal Justice in America | Emily Bazelon | Penguin Random House #Partner | Release Date: April 9, 2019 | This is a worthy addition for your necessary nonfiction bookshelf. Investigative journalist Emily Bazelon looks at the unchecked power of prosecutors in the US criminal justice system and offers solutions as how to end mass incarceration.

Unscripted | Claire Handscombe | Contemporary fiction about an English girl who dreams of writing a book that will make her celebrity American crush fall in love with her. A story about dreams, determination, and being yourself no matter what.

Have a great week!

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