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Reading Week | 4.15.19

Reading Week | 4.15.19

Reading Week 4.15.19

Happy Monday friends! I was on a work trip for most of last week so I had to skip my weekly update- but the good news is that means I’ve got double the bookish goodness to share. (And there’s been a LOT of good).

Linking up with Kathryn at The Book Date- the host of “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?”

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Six Recent Additions to my TBR List

From Instagram

I added another book to my Stephen King Hodder collection! I picked up Cujo, mainly because I needed a yellow spine to complete the rainbow theme. I eventually want to read all of King’s books, but I’m reluctant to read this one because I’m worried about what’s going to happen to the dog (even if it is rabid).

I Finished Reading

They All Fall Down | Rachel Howzell Hall | Free from Booksparks | This was fun. Seven strangers wind up at a remote Mexican mansion with their own reasons for being there and their own dirty little secrets. The house is beautiful at its surface, but we soon find out that all of the luxury in the world can’t save people from themselves. Give me more thriller/suspense books written by WOC!

Lock Every Door | Riley Sager | Free from Storygram Tours | This will end up being one of the top thrillers of the year. It was SO good! I was all in on reading about Jules' adventures in apartment sitting. It sounded too good to be true- $4000 a month to take care of an immaculate penthouse in one of the most famous residential buildings in NYC?- this is gonna be good. The story was gothic and tense. It was one of those thrillers I couldn't put down- and I did not guess the ending. Everything was tied up in a neat bow- no quirky resolutions here. I thought this was Sagers best effort yet. Recommend! Out July 2nd.

Run Away | Harlan Coben | Free from Netgalley | I’ve never read anything by Harlan Coben. To be honest, I kind of wrote him off and put him in the “not for me” category of James Patterson and other overly prolific mass market thriller writers. (What a snob.) But- I saw the cover floating around IG and it came highly recommended from Adam at the Professional Book Nerds, so I picked it up. I’m so glad I did! Simon Greene is a very well off financial analyst who is in a loving marriage. The book opens as he's looking for his strung out daughter in the middle of Central Park. He’ll do anything to save her, but never thought it would be so hard. At first, there were wildly separate story lines going on and I couldn’t figure out how they would converge, but they eventually did in a very satisfying way. I’d recommend this to readers who like complicated family stories with characters that get gritty. 2019 has been the year of finding excellent thrillers- I hope the streak continues!

I’m Currently Reading

The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls | Anissa Gray | I’ve been really looking forward to this. It’s been compared to The Mothers and An American Marriage, and so far, I get it. It’s the story about a multi-generational family in Michigan. The oldest sister, Althea, and her husband have just been put in jail for a white collar crime, shaming the family and turning their community against them. The couple’s two children are put in custody of the youngest sister, who lives in their family home and who’s been trying to do the best she can. So far the writing is solid and I am enjoying the alternating viewpoints- I’m interested to see how it ends.

Upcoming Reading Plans

I Know Who You Are | TBR etc.

I Know Who You Are | Alice Feeney | I reached out to the publisher awhile ago for a copy of this, and Flatiron graciously had one sent. I have been holding on to it since then, though, because I loved the author’s debut, Sometimes I Lie, so much and I’m worried this won’t hold up. We’ll have to see! This comes out at the end of the month and I want to read and review before it does.

New ARCs

The Dream Peddler | Martine Fournier Watson | Release Date: 4.9.19 | PRH Partner | A magical realism novel about a traveling salesman who sells dreams an elixir that can cause the recipient to have whatever dreams they like.

Roar | Celelia Ahern | Release Date: 4.16.19 | Sent via Grand Central Publishing | The latest from the author of P.S., I Love You, “this is a fiercely feminist story collection that illuminates--sometimes in fantastical ways--how women of all kinds navigate the world today.”

Have a great week! Tell me about any fun plans you have coming up.

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Six Recent Additions to my TBR List | TBR Mix and Mingle, April 2019

Six Recent Additions to my TBR List | TBR Mix and Mingle, April 2019