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Reading Week | 2.25.19

Reading Week | 2.25.19

Reading Week 2.25.19 | TBR etc | What I've been reading, upcoming reading plans, and new releases.

I’m knee deep in watching the Oscars right now and so far- so great. Adam Lambert and Queen killed it in the opening, we got Amy, Tina, Maya, Serena, JLo… and Regina King won best supporting actress and referenced James Baldwin. So far, not missing a host.

Linking up with Kathryn at The Book Date- the host of “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?”

New Blog Posts

Fifteen Books for your Next Book Club! This list took me an inordinate amount of time to curate, so I hope you take a look :)

From Instagram

I got to meet some Chicago Bookstragrammers In Real Life this weekend at a meetup/book swap! We each brought a handful of books to trade and Open Books was kind enough to host us. Hoping for another meetup soon!

I finished reading

drawing of the three.jpg

Book Two in the Dark Tower Series The Drawing of the Three ! I’m in it now. It really is a masterpiece and I can’t wait to see how the whole thing unfolds.

I’m currently reading

Black Klansman: A Memoir | TBR Etc.

I picked up Black Klansman after being inspired by the Oscars. I’m listening to the audiobook and the author narrates- I’m really liking it so far. Happy I started this one!

Upcoming Reading Plans

I need to stop by the library this week, because my hold for The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls came in! I’m sure you’ve heard this or have at least seen the cover. It’s said to be in the vein of An American Marriage, one of my all time favorites.

New ARCs

American Duchess | Karen Harper | Pub Date: February 26 | Historical fiction about Consuelo Vanderbilt! I really enjoy reading fictional accounts of people that really existed. Consuelo Vanderbilt married into royalty, but she married a man that she did not love for the sake of her family’s status.

The Beantown Girls | Jane Healy | Pub Date: February 5 | WWII Historical Fiction Fans- this is for you! Three best friends decide to go against what was expected of them to volunteer overseas for the Red Cross.

What are your reading plans this week?

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Ten Exciting New Releases for March 2019! | TBR and TBD

Fifteen Book Club Friendly Picks

Fifteen Book Club Friendly Picks