Weekend Reads | Links I Love for Week 48 | 11.30.18

Weekend Reads- Links I Love for Week 48

Podcast recommendation of the week- Episode 161 of What Should I Read Next brings the two book recommending Annes together to answer reader questions about books to gift! I didn’t know about Books on the Nightstand until it was too late, but I really enjoyed listening to a person who sells books to the booksellers sell books. (Say that 5 times fast).

Eric Bana is certainly having a resurgence. He’s starring as Dirty John in the Bravo adaptation of the podcast (podcast adaptations are the new book adaptations, I guess) and has been cast as Detective Aaron Falk in an Australian feature adaptation of Jane Harper’s, The Dry. It’s slated to release in January 2020, but I’m unclear if we’ll get it in the U.S.

Speaking of adaptations, Netflix is creating new animated shows based on Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, The Twits, and Matilda. This has me really wanting to to a re-read! James and the Giant Peach and Matilda were my faves.

I’m sure you die hard readers have seen this already, but the NY Times has put out its list of the 100 Notable Books of 2018 and their 10 Best Books for 2018. Two are on my favorite of the year list too, and the suspense book they picked was a big surprise to me.

Best of the Best | TBR Etc.

I recently posted a photo on Instagram of some of the books that Goodreads listed as contenders for the Best of the Best. I turned my nose up at The Help, and I got so many comments asking why I didn’t like the book. It’s not that I didn’t like it- I remember enjoying reading it back when it came out in 2009. I just think that it has too many problems for it to be named the best of the best- this article is much better at articulating why The Help is problematic.

Jolabokaflod- a Christmas Eve tradition I can get behind.

Here are the books I added to my bookshelf this week! (All were sent to me.)

Before We Were Strangers | Brenda Novak | Pub Date: 12/4/18 | MIRA

Bleak Harbor | Bryan Gruley | Pub Date: 11/1/18 | Thomas & Mercer

Dear Los Angeles | David Kipen | Pub Date: 12/4/18 | Modern Library

The Adults | Carolyn Hulse | Pub Date: 11/27/18 | Random House

Have a nice weekend! It’s finally December.

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Weekend Reads | Links I Love for Week 46 | 11.16.18

Weekend Reads- Links I Love for Week 46

Podcast recommendation of the week—UnErased. UnErased is a podcast about the hidden history of conversion therapy in America. According to a survey by the Williams Institute at UCLA, nearly 700,000 living Americans have gone through some sort of conversion therapy. Garrard Conley is one of them- and his story and others are presented in the series. He also wrote a memoir, Boy Erased, and a movie based on his story starring Nicole Kidman was just released.

I’m working my way through Michelle Obama’s memoir, and let me tell you, it’s moving me in all kinds of ways. It’s wildly entertaining, too. While I find that her own story is the best part of her memoir, not the parts when shes sharing stories in relation to her husband, she does throw some pretty epic shade his way.

Have you seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet? I saw it last week, and I literally have not been able to get Queen’s songs out of my head yet. I loved Rami Malek’s performance as Freddy Mercury, but I had no idea how historically accurate their production of their Live Aid concert was.

We’re big into home brewing coffee, and whole bean is the way to go. Although J just bought some really complicated looking apparatus that kind of looks like a bunsen burner, so who knows that that’s going to do. Here are 9 writers on their favorite kind of coffee. Bones coffee is our fave!

Another thing we’re big into in this house is skincare. Right before the wedding, we were doing a really good job at being consistent, but I’ve gotten lax. 2019 is the year of skincare- and this article gave me the itch to add a ton more to my routine.

I’m writing this mid day Saturday and already have the Sunday scaries :) Probably because it gets dark at 4, so I feel like my day is already nearly over! Looking forward to the short week next week.

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Weekend Reads | Links I Love for Week 44 | 11.2.18

Weekend Reads- Links I Love for Week 44

This week, I turned 35. I really think it’s the society imposed pressure to procreate before age 35 that makes this such a big milestone age for anyone that wants children, but in all actuality, what is 35? I saw a wonderful YouTube video awhile back that helped to debunk the myth that if you don’t have your kids by 35, you’re out of luck. I am not saying that there aren’t increased risks, (I’m a doctor, but not THAT kind of doctor), but watching this alternative perspective did give me some peace (and laughs).

Podcast recommendation of the week— I’m still on my My Favorite Murder binge. I started listening from the beginning in early August and I’m up to the July 2017 episodes. Karen's telling of this story was one of the craziest kidnapping/ murder stories I've ever heard.

John Green is starting a book club! I like that he and his co-founder, Rosianaa Halse Rojas, are going to be selecting books that are not new from a wide variety of genres and that anyone can participate in the "discord". You can sign up for a physical subscription, digital, or just participate by borrowing from the library. Here's his announcement video- I love that he's still hyping up his brothers book. (With good reason- An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is a great book). Subscription sign up closes November 16th!

Instagram Spotlight of the Week- Simone and Her Books

Her post and caption, in response to this article was perfection. This week, bookstagrammers were shamed in a couple of articles for being vapid posers who don’t actually read the books they’re photographing and instead only take pictures on top of open books “for the unearned likes”. What the fuck ever. The majority of readers I’ve had the pleasure to get to know through Instagram are some of the most well read people I know. Give me all of the open books! (And credit to the beautiful open book pic in my intro goes to Amy Flying a Kite)

Finally, are you a time realist or a time optimist? I'm an optimist who is trying to become a realist. Speaking of, I'd better wrap up this post if I want to leave for work on time. 

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be working on getting some reading done- only 20 more books to 100!

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Weekend Reads | Links I Love for Week 41 | 10.12.18

Weekend Reads- Links I Love for Week 41

Podcast of the week- Serial. I know this isn’t a groundbreaking recommendation, but Sarah Koenig is such a talented journalist and I feel like Season 3 hasn’t been getting the hype it deserves. Specifically, episodes 3 and 4 were incredibly eye opening, heartbreaking, frustrating, and overall a clear representation of the broken criminal justice system that exists within the U.S.

The Pet Sematary trailer is here! (Cue the Jonah Hill squee face!) I dont know if I’ll be able to see it, though. I can read the scariest books there are, but scary movies? Nope.

New Colson Whitehead! Set in the Jim Crow-era Florida in the 1960s, two friends Elwood and Turner deal with injustices in their segregated reform school in very different ways.

This Oklahoma mother’s anti-feminist brag goes viral… but there’s a positive ending!

Laura Lippman on using real life events as inspiration for crime fiction.

And finally: traveling the world sounds great. But have you ever tried embracing päntsdrunk?

Instagram Spotlight of the week-

Instagram Spotlight OTW | mastymuchachitareads

@nastymuchachitareads Lots of mini book reviews and diverse reading recommendations. Go to her 10/9/18 highlight on her page to read her thoughts about white tears and politics in Bookstagram. Hear hear!

Have a great weekend!

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Weekend Reads | Links I Love for Week 38 | 9.21.18

Weekend Reads- Links I Love for Week 38

I have another podcast recommendation for you! Are you listening to Dr. Death yet? It’s a podcast about a Dallas neurosurgeon slash butcher that will make you squeamish and have you asking for a second opinion. New episodes are still coming out and I’m dying to see how this ends. I’m also trying to refrain from Googling- what in the world is going on with this guy?!

Bonus podcast recommendation- In Episode 149 of What Should I Read Next, Anne Bogel   answers listener questions. When asked about the advice she has for someone who wants to start writing, she shared a bit about her own process:  “A lot of people think if they don’t know what to write, they don’t sit down to write. And I would invite you to think of writing as the way of finding something out, not the way of stating something you’ve already found out.” I love it. I feel like I do a ton of research to see what I want to say before ever putting anything on the page, and I want to get better at writing first and not self-editing as I go (she said, as she edited this sentence 10 times while writing.)

Finally, something we can all be excited about

John Green just bought his brother Hank the best birthday gift ever. I can’t wait to read An Absolutely Remarkable Thing! Out this Tuesday.

60 things that people starting college this year have never experienced. I don't know why these lists are so fun to read, but they are. 

And finally, further proof that goats are the best. 😍 🐐

Have a great weekend!

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