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May's Best New Books! | TBR etc.

May's Best New Books! | TBR etc.

May's Best New Books! | TBR. etc. #newbooks #bookrecommendations

New month- another solid list of exciting new releases! These 8 are the ones that I’m the most excited about. I’ve got a mix of non-fiction, true crime, dystopian, thriller, and historical fiction.

May 2019

For Publication Date | May 7

The Farm | Joanne Ramos | The newest addition to the feminist dystopian genre sounds wild. Women surrender their bodies to the Farm for nine months as they perform the task of growing the perfect baby for their immensely wealthy clientele. It’s only 9 months- what could go wrong?

The Killer Across the Table | Mark Olshaker | The author is a criminal profiler and his original memoir was the inspiration behind the character Netflix's Mindhunter. In this follow up, Olsaker takes a look at 4 of his most notorious criminals and breaks down how he was able to to profile them. Available as an add on for Book of the Month!

For Publication Date | May 14

A Bend in the Stars | Rachel Barenbaum | Historical fiction set in post WWI era Russia, an ambitious young doctor and her scientist brother race against Einstein to solve one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. This is said to be for fans of All the Light We Cannot See- which I haven’t read, but I know many of you love it!

The Night Before | Wendy Walker | The cover caught me for this one. I’m predicting it’ll be one of the bigger thrillers of the year. After her latest relationship implodes- again- Laura flees her Wall Street job and NYC apartment to live with her sister and her family in Connecticut. Laura tries her hand at love again via an online dating app- and goes missing. Rosie fears the worst- but her biggest fear is not what the man did to Laura, it’s what Laura might have done to him.

The Unhoneymooners | Lauren Christina | This sounds like a perfect lighter story to break up some of the more dark picks I’ve got on here. It’s another sister drama- Amy is the lucky one and her sister Olive is always left in her wake. Amy is on the cusp of the wedding of her dreams- until everyone in the wedding party gets violently ill with food poisoning. The only two who didn’t get sick are Olive and her enemy, Ethan. Instead of letting a good honeymoon go to waste, the two have to put their hatred aside and take the trip of a lifetime. I think we know where this is going to go- but I’ve seen some great reviews, so I’m expecting this to hit!

For Publication Date | May 21

Necessary People | BOTM Pick | TBR etc.

Necessary People | Anna Pitoniak | This is about two best friends- Stella who came from a world of privilege and Violet who is self-made. Violet gets the job her dreams in TV and she’s finally coming in to her own, until Stella talks her way into a job as an on-air correspondent and starts to overshadow Violet anew. I love books with flawed characters that get caught up in their pettiness. This was my Book of the Month pick and I was influenced to grab it by Jordy’s Book Club review.

For Publication Date | May 28

Ask Again, Yes | Mary Beth Keane | This is about two families who live next door to each other and become forever connected after a tragedy grips them both. Their children fall in love, but as is true with a lot of great relationships, the course does not run smooth. Sarah’s Book Shelves Live called this a character driven novel that she couldn’t put down and I’m here for it.

Stay Sexy & Dont Get Murdered | Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark | I am legit so excited for this book-I’ve already pre-ordered it. It’s my favorite podcast (and I know I’m not alone on this!) Of course, I love the pod for the true crime, but I might like their banter/honesty even more. Really excited to see what they’ve come up with in this dual memoir.

What books are you most looking forward to?

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