Weekend Reads | Links I Love for Week 41 | 10.12.18

Weekend Reads- Links I Love for Week 41

Podcast of the week- Serial. I know this isn’t a groundbreaking recommendation, but Sarah Koenig is such a talented journalist and I feel like Season 3 hasn’t been getting the hype it deserves. Specifically, episodes 3 and 4 were incredibly eye opening, heartbreaking, frustrating, and overall a clear representation of the broken criminal justice system that exists within the U.S.

The Pet Sematary trailer is here! (Cue the Jonah Hill squee face!) I dont know if I’ll be able to see it, though. I can read the scariest books there are, but scary movies? Nope.

New Colson Whitehead! Set in the Jim Crow-era Florida in the 1960s, two friends Elwood and Turner deal with injustices in their segregated reform school in very different ways.

This Oklahoma mother’s anti-feminist brag goes viral… but there’s a positive ending!

Laura Lippman on using real life events as inspiration for crime fiction.

And finally: traveling the world sounds great. But have you ever tried embracing päntsdrunk?

Instagram Spotlight of the week-

Instagram Spotlight OTW | mastymuchachitareads

@nastymuchachitareads Lots of mini book reviews and diverse reading recommendations. Go to her 10/9/18 highlight on her page to read her thoughts about white tears and politics in Bookstagram. Hear hear!

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