Weekend Reads | Links I Love for Week 44 | 11.2.18

Weekend Reads- Links I Love for Week 44

This week, I turned 35. I really think it’s the society imposed pressure to procreate before age 35 that makes this such a big milestone age for anyone that wants children, but in all actuality, what is 35? I saw a wonderful YouTube video awhile back that helped to debunk the myth that if you don’t have your kids by 35, you’re out of luck. I am not saying that there aren’t increased risks, (I’m a doctor, but not THAT kind of doctor), but watching this alternative perspective did give me some peace (and laughs).

Podcast recommendation of the week— I’m still on my My Favorite Murder binge. I started listening from the beginning in early August and I’m up to the July 2017 episodes. Karen's telling of this story was one of the craziest kidnapping/ murder stories I've ever heard.

John Green is starting a book club! I like that he and his co-founder, Rosianaa Halse Rojas, are going to be selecting books that are not new from a wide variety of genres and that anyone can participate in the "discord". You can sign up for a physical subscription, digital, or just participate by borrowing from the library. Here's his announcement video- I love that he's still hyping up his brothers book. (With good reason- An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is a great book). Subscription sign up closes November 16th!

Instagram Spotlight of the Week- Simone and Her Books

Her post and caption, in response to this article was perfection. This week, bookstagrammers were shamed in a couple of articles for being vapid posers who don’t actually read the books they’re photographing and instead only take pictures on top of open books “for the unearned likes”. What the fuck ever. The majority of readers I’ve had the pleasure to get to know through Instagram are some of the most well read people I know. Give me all of the open books! (And credit to the beautiful open book pic in my intro goes to Amy Flying a Kite)

Finally, are you a time realist or a time optimist? I'm an optimist who is trying to become a realist. Speaking of, I'd better wrap up this post if I want to leave for work on time. 

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be working on getting some reading done- only 20 more books to 100!

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