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The Lady Killer | Enjoyed with The Devil in the White City

Liquor and reading and friends. A few of my favorite things. I thought it would be fun to host a bi-monthly book club as a great excuse to get together and have a discussion about ideas we might normally not bring up. I also served a cocktail that was related to the book that we read.

Only half the people that came read the book, but anyway :) They did enjoy the cocktail! 

This month's book was The Devil In the White City by Erik Larson. A full review is here, but the skinny is that this book discusses the events that took place during the Chicago's World Fair. During the same time, one of the countries' most prolific serial killers killed between 20 and 200 people (mostly women). What better drink to serve than the Lady Killer? I mean hello.

First, gather your supplies.

Secondly, add the gin! 

Next up is Apricot Brandy!

Don't add too much like I did. Or do. It's your call.

The third and final type of alcohol that you're adding is Cointreau. It's called a lady killer for good reason people, so take care!

Finally, add a little pineapple juice (not pictured.... drank all of it at the party before I took the pictures) and the passion fruit juice.   I threw a marachino cherry in, but it would also be great with a bit of pineapple. 

Please disregard 'Botched' in the background. Thank you in advance.

I thought this was pretty refreshing! Obviously, it's quite sweet, with the juices and the orange and apricot liqueurs, but it was really good. It also didn't taste much like alcohol at all, which can be pretty dangerous!

Recipe below. I adapted it from the Bartender's Companion to 750 Cocktails